Some comments from clients...

- "Tom was as much a part of creating our sound as he was capturing it. His ability and creativity are unparalleled- as is his professionalism. He is without doubt the best producer we have ever had the pleasure of meeting and an inspiration to work with." - Toni Coe (Deadlight)

- “We had a blast recording with Tom, it helped us immensely working with him!!! We're looking forward to recording our next EP/Album with him as he always seems to bring the best out of our music." - Dean Stevens (Bite the Kerb)

- "Recording at Monochrome Productions is a unique experience. I consider it a massive privilege to have recorded there and to have worked with Tom." - Craig Lennon

- "Working with Tom, was an absolute pleasure. In my experience, recording projects can't be done half hearted, and Tom goes the full way! On a professional level, i have never worked with someone, that is that intent on giving you the edge to get the best outta yourself as a musician and performer in the studio." - Dan Barlow (Seventh Horizon)

- 'Very much enjoyed working with Tom, refreshing to work with a producer who actually listens to what you want from your music'' - George Driscoll

- "Tom's complete knowledge and expertise allows artists to achieve the desired end product with minimal fuss, ensuring a relaxed and friendly environment as a result. I couldn't recommend the guy more, a real pleasure to work with." - Joe Nicklin (Naked Youth/My Grey Horse)

- "Tom brings an enthusiastic and fulfilling approach to studio work." - Paul 'Oobah' Butler (My Grey Horse)

- "A cellar. A converted shed. An ex-frozen meat storage room. An industrial unit. They all parade their murky, desolate faces around the depths of my recording sessions portfolio. The damp metaphorically curling its metaphorical pages. But continue reading...turn the page...read the title...'Monochrome Productions 2011, Producer - Tom Gittins'. No curled corners molesting this white page. Just a fresh, graceful, unsoiled studio with idyllic surrounding settings. The studio boasts a bright, radiant glow to the rooms, almost suggesting the presence of God. Maybe not. Maybe it's just a superb, refreshing studio with an an inventive and more than efficient producer in Tom. Either way...it gets a Thumbs-Up from me." - Robbie Sparks (Rebel City Radio)

- "uh-mazing" "professional, helpful and friendly made you feel at home." "OFASHO" - Devon 'Devo' McFarland (The Televised - US)

- "Tom was able to share and realise our wild visions of how the track should sound, which given the style we play is not a easy thing to do, and we were ecstatic about the way the recording turned out! He's always a pleasure to work with, and professionalism seems second nature to him; plus he's got technical knowledge and creativity by the truckload. We could not recommend him & his studio more." - Ben Neal (Meatfeast)

- "Tom's always great fun and a pleasure to work with! A patient and perfectionist approach, delivering great results every time." - Sally Morris (Solo/Drunk Lovers Sinners and Saints/Falling home)

- "The studio had a very relaxed atmosphere with top quality gear, along with a very knowledgeable and friendly producer who helped to get the best sound out of us, our day with Monochrome was definitely one that we would like to repeat very soon. Excellent finished product!" - Adam Barker (Spearmint 6)

"Working with Tom at monochrome is a sick experience. Absolutely banter-filled, but guaranteed to fulfil your production requirements!" - Ollie ‘Rev’ Taylor (KNGDMS/Resolution 242/Naked Youth)

- "Recording with Tom at Monochrome productions was quite literally the recording/production experience we have been searching for during our 4 years of playing together as a band. Tom really went above and beyond to make sure we got the sound we wanted, whilst helping us develop ideas as well as throwing in his own. As well as having a great recording we also had a great laugh and felt really comfortable at the studio. Best recordings, Best Studio, Best Dude! Thanks again Tom!" - Morgan Tedd (The Catharsis)

- “Quality quality recording and mixing! Tom is without a doubt the best we’ve worked with. His application to helping us develop our ideas is priceless. A real pleasure to work with!” - Alex Ohm (The Lines)

- “Enjoyed working with you, the track came out great. Looking forward to the next one!” - Paul Tandy (Octane OK)

- "A massive thanks to Tom @ Monochrome studios from all of 'Funked up' band. We had a monster 14 demo tracks to record in a day, but the results are fantastic !!!. Tom was a pleasure to work with and we would seriously recommend Monochrome to any level of Band/Musician looking for a quality recording." Lee Townsend (All Funked Up)

- “Working with Tom was incredible and by far the best recording session we've ever experienced. He went further than any normal producer would have done and helped us to develop our songs in ways we would never have thought of. He also helped us as a band by giving us useful contacts to use and promote ourselves with. Tom put his heart into our recordings and we couldn't be more happy with them. Cannot wait to record with him again!” - Joe Hamilton (Dance à la Plage)

  1. -“Absolutely spot on. Great studio, great Producer/engineer in Tom - Haven’t had a better experience recording” - Treason Kings

  1. -“Seriously, best environment to work in, serious but laid back approach with everything. Very professional and would recommend to anybody” - Highway Alaska

  1. -“Awesome service, awesome dude - Made us sound great! Tom helped progress our sound with the production and writing immensely. You want a killer EP/Album...? Then Monochrome is the place to go!” - Girls that Scream

  1. -“Great advice and ideas - New track sounding weighty as f*&%!” - Tyler Mae

- “Great experience working with Tom - Absolute gent. Felt really comfortable collaborating with experimental recording techniques and creating an array of acoustic madness - Will hopefully return in the future! Very grateful for the advice and input!” - Fitz

  1. -Fantastic and professional services- brilliant hospitality and host. Definitely recommend to other artists and will be revisiting soon!” - Ben Stancombe

- “What can we say?

An awesome week working with Tom on the first of our 4 EPs. He’s got them sounding amazing, better than we could have ever hoped for. Tom, you are a saint and a scholar and we salute you! Much love and see you soon for the next one!” - This Burning Age

  1. -“Tom you have the patience of a saint and you have really helped breathe new life into LFR. We had such a laugh and the recordings sound awesome, you made a small band from Stourbridge sound like major bands! We love you brother and we will be back!” - Left for red

- “A brain of musical talent, this guy knows where it’s at! Definitely worth the drive from Leeds, we’ll be back for sure!

Song sounds bigger than we ever thought!” - Honeycomb Love

  1. -“Thanks for an amazing day. You helped me turn an idea into a song. It started from an acoustic song and ended in a beefy masterpiece. Thanks for your input and ideas and making me feel comfortable.” - Ryan Corbett

  1. -“Had a fabulous day - The recording sounds amazing!” - Done by Sunrise

  1. -“10/10. Excellent effort from start to finish, well worked out. Cheers Tom thanks for the useful input on the track. Nice one Tom, always a pleasure”. - The Borgias

  1. -“This is our 3rd time recording with Tom. After popping out Monochrome cherry over a year ago, we can safely say we would record here over anywhere else. Tom really has got this place set up to get the best performance from any and every artist.” - Ronin

  1. -Just want to thank you again for the session today Tom, can't begin to say how thankful we are, let alone how stunned we were by the sheer quality and work put in. Cheers.” - Beloved Breakdown

  1. -“ Great Producer / Engineer and fun to work with” - Morning Glory

  1. -“ With the correct balance of relaxed and ‘let’s get sh*t done’ we were able to work effectively. We enjoyed our time at Monochrome Studios - Would recommend to any up and coming artists!” - Lovats

  1. -“This is our 3rd time recording with Tom, we can safely say that we would record here over anywhere else - Good countryside vibes, ace Producer; Tom has got this place set up to get the best performance from any and every artiste” - Ronin

  1. -“Thanks for all the help, wonderful equipment and advice - Looking forward to coming back soon!” - Sunjay Brayne

- “Great studio, equipment and a professional service. Highly recommend it to any musicians looking to record. Must come back soon!” - The Press

  1. -“Fantastic and inspiring day recording, great atmosphere, great atmosphere, friendly vibes and such nice guys - We learnt a lot!” - Madison

  1. -“One of the easiest recording experiences we’ve had as a band - Wicked dudes and all in all a wicked day” - The Orchard

  1. -“Thanks Tom for a spectacular day. Brilliant first recording experience for my daughter Demi. Your talent, ideas, enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement has made this really beneficial for here. This was all the experience for Demi and we couldn’t have chosen a better place - No doubt the first of many sessions, thank you so much” - Michelle Marriner

  1. -“An inspiring experience - Courteous, professional, endlessly creative and always on point” - Magpies and Vagabonds

  1. -‘Thanks for an awesome day recording - It was great to work with you again - A ton of fun!” - Vault of Eagles

  1. -“Amazing time! Best band experience yet! Such a great vibe and such a great guy to work with” - The Wychbury Cartel

  1. -“Second time at the Forge - This time for a live EP - Went really well, really pleased with the results and a pleasure to work with Tom again; Great vibe, atmosphere and creative input! Hopefully we will be back again - Can’t recommend this place/people enough!” - Fitz

  1. -“Great studio, Tom is amazing. Very creative and very useful input. Would highly recommend!” - Feird Wish

  1. -“Spent 2 days in the studio with Tom recording out EP and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Our originals have gone from basic demos to album quality material, and its hard to believe something we wrote sounds this good! We’ve all had a lot of fun, and learnt some new tricks - We will definitely be back in the future, thanks for everything Tom!” - Dead end Dreams

  1. -“Once again extremely happy with the work done today. You guys are freaking awesome, we can’t thank you enough - Nice one guys!” - Acacia

  1. -“Twas most awesome! Great studio! Great gear! Great Tom!” - The Grade

  1. -“Cheers for all your help through the whole process. Learned a huge amount - Hope we work with you again!” - Elysium

  1. -“Absolutely fab day; An excellent production and enjoyed every moment. Looking forward to the next sesh!” - Karmic Lines

  1. -“Absolutely class as always. Even better than the first time we were here - Wouldn’t go to another studio!” - Treason Kings

- “Wicked studio, awesome production - Thanks for caring about us and our direction” - Ronin

“Monochrome Productions are ideally placed to offer an exciting, industry level experience to enrich any FE study programme in Music Technology.  The combination of outstanding facilities, supportive environment and knowledgeable staff ensured that our students left their studio experience at the Forge full of enthusiasm and brimming with creative ideas for their own production work. In addition to his own extensive industry experience Tom’s  considerable background as an educationalist and lecturer provides him with a degree of understanding and empathy to our students needs that few other visiting lecturers / industry masterclasses seem able to equal. From my experience I can unreservedly recommend Monochrome’s studio experience as an educational venture of the highest value.”  - James Maiden (Head of Music and Music Technology - Stratford upon Avon College)

Feedback from a Workshop put on for Stratford College Music Technology students...2012

“Brilliant fun, really nice people, amazing facilities - We were well looked after!”

“Would definitely recommend - The experience and knowledge was so useful and was really enjoyable - Learnt  so much in the short time we were there”

“I would highly recommend the experience to any budding Music tech/Music student looking to further their knowledge in an enjoyable environment, I have taken away a lot of new information I can use to improve my knowledge of the subject”

“The studio time was incredible and the mixing part was amazing - Out of everything I have done, this has helped the most!”

“Definitely recommended - Fantastic lecturer and studio, people would definitely benefit from it - This will improve my own production skills incredibly”

“Highly recommended. Its a great opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and visit a place like Monochrome Productions! I guarantee they will return to college more open minded and anxious to continue! ”

“I have very much enjoyed myself during the entirety of the workshop, particularly learning about mixing techniques - Many of the techniques will help me adapt , modify and improve my own compositional work - It was extremely informative, interesting and fun!”

“ I would strongly recommend as the details are easy to understand and the environment great for learning - I enjoyed it because of the amount of information I was able to take away from it and the facilities we got to use”

Feedback from a Workshop put on for Stratford College Music Technology students...2013

“One of the most helpful/educational weeks of my life, I enjoyed the workshop very much. Being in the studio was an incredible experience and the mixing classes have been very educational for me. I loved every day of it”

“Tom and Rich are very helpful and treat the recording sessions like they would when working with a client - All questions and queries were answered in full and each step of the way was explained perfectly - I want to come back! Will definitely be coming here with my band!”

“Massively enjoyed my time on the workshop - Loved the friendly people involved - I’ve learnt more in four days than on my college course so far. Found explanations and practices very useful and informative - I’ve learnt lots of things which I will use in my own studio, I would strongly recommend this workshop to others - So enjoyable and informative”

“Its a start to end experience that covers all aspects - I enjoyed the whole time, especially learning about how to work with bands in a more professional way, and how to get the most out of the time you have to work with them. Its improved my understanding on what can be done with the software. All extremely helpful and will help me massively in my own application of the work - Spot on!”

“Before the workshop, I wasn’t 100% confident with Logic, now I have furthered my knowledge and am more confident with the software - I have learnt a lot!”

“It gives a useful insight into the profession and how studios work - The whole experience was very valuable and enjoyable”

“Great fun, great guys and I learnt a great deal!”

“Extremely helpful, have learnt a lot from this workshop”

“I feel much more comfortable with aspects of music technology - Was great to be in a real studio outside of the college environment”

“I really enjoyed the experience working with new musical equipment and I have learned many new recording techniques and skills for Logic Pro”

Feedback from a Workshop put on for Kineton High School Music students...2013

“Great fun, Tom and Rich were super friendly and I learnt loads, both interesting and helpful - Wish it was longer!”

“A great experience - Well worked, and very useful to my own use of Music Technology”

“Highly recommended - You learn everything you need and want to - Very enjoyable and you get a good insight into Music Technology”

“Really enjoyed the workshop - Was great learing how to use all the equipment and getting a high quality recording using top of the range mics and amps”

“I have enjoyed learning and watching the recording process - Choosing mics and learning appropriate placement and how to use the software - It gives you a great insight to the industry”

“I enjoyed having the experience hearing a professional point of view on how to place mics and seeing how much knowledge is needed in so many areas - So enjoyable, a far better experience than any other I could’ve wanted”

“I would highly recommend the workshop because people need to know what this place is like, I think its great!”

“I greatly enjoyed learning about how to mic drums properly and doing the recording and mixing - A good way of learning”

...and from their tutor...

"Tom developed a strong rapport with the students, and was able to demonstrate skills at an appropriate level for the students', so they effectively developed their levels of understanding. Students loved the experience and were equipped with the skills to work independently after the work experience." - Dr J. Haughton (Head of Music - Kineton High School)