Audio Production is a multi faceted and highly involved process, and with no two artists having the same direction, sound or requirements, Monochrome Productions prides itself upon a genuine tailored approach to each client. There are, however, certain preparations that the client can consider that help maximise the positive progress of the production process, and enable MP to really get the best out of an artist.

  1. 1.Pre - Production: It is advised that you email a rough recording of the track(s) you wish to record, in their most recently rehearsed state, as soon as you can before your scheduled recording date. The better the quality, the more clearly your producer can hear what you are aiming to achieve, but that said, don’t worry if you haven’t got necessary equipment to do this as even a mobile phone recording/video in the corner of your rehearsal room will do. This enables all band members to be clear on their parts, and permits time for your producer to reply with any early suggestions or arrangement feedback etc. For the most effective results, and the best preparation prior to recording, it is advised that you have your producer attended rehearsal in order to work through particular arrangements/structures and execution well in advance of tracking. This then gives you the time and opportunity to adapt/rehearse any new or altered parts.

  2. 2.Reference tracks: Do you have a particular sound that you are after? If you are fond of any specific drum sounds, guitar tones, special effects that you have heard in commercial recordings that you feel would particularly suit your project, then please do send links through, as again, this all helps to build a clearer picture of the direction the project will take, enables us to plan appropriate equipment provision, and ensure the results for the client.

  3. 3.Lyrics: Once effective instrument tracking has taken place, it is time to focus on vocals. Monochrome Productions take a pride in taking a genuine tailored interest in your project, whatever the genre, and so to have a copy of the lyrics at hand whilst tracking vocals can really help understand the message that is being delivered, and can then provide effective guidance and support in maximising the delivery, connection and impact where appropriate.

  4. 4.Equipment: All equipment at the studio is available for you to use, and is maintained regularly. It is recommended that if using your own equipment, that it is in good condition in order to avoid hold ups within a session. Fresh strings can be a worthwhile investment for all guitarists and bass players, although restringing is a process that should be done well in advance of tracking to eliminate tuning slippages. Strings are available for purchase at the studio.